Email Marketing Features

Presenting simplied, affordable and most reliable email marketing platform.

  • Contact Management Contact Management

    List Management

    Create list upload your subscribers in CSV, TEXT or SQL format. Split large list into small pieces.

    List Cleaning

    Import clean subscriber data, your bad email format email ids, duplicate email ids or previously blacklisted ids (bounced/suppressed/unsubscribed) automatically gets removed.

    Custom Fields

    Create custom fields i.e. First name, Last name in your list and import the same in to you list and later insert dynamically in your email content.

    Subscriber Form

    Create subscriber form for the list and embed in your website or blog. Get notified by email when someone subscriber or unsubscribe your list.

    Blacklist Subscriber

    Manage list of bad email ids globally across all your list to keep your list healthy and reputed.

    List Segmentation

    Create a new list based on subscriber behaviors to past email campaign i.e. opened/unopened or clicked/not clicked.

  • Campaign Management Campaign Management
    Group Campaign

    Group Campaign

    Arrange your campaign groupwise for easily management and recognition.

    Schedule Campaign

    Regular Campaign

    Compose email campaign and send to single list or segment or multiple lists and segments.

    Auto Responder

    Auto responder

    Schedule an email campaign to be executed on certain time frame i.e. on specific date and time, hourly, weekly, monthly etc.

    Personalized Emails

    Send emails with custom fields ie. First name and Last name this way you can personalize your email content for your subscriber.

    Random Content

    Insert random content into your email content body this way you can significantly send random content to your subscriber base for versatile content coverage and response.

    Campaign Segmentation

    Inline Campaign Segmentation

    Move or copy a subscriber to a different list, Change subscriber custom field value to a custom value based on user click behaviour.

  • Details Reportings Details Reportings
    Email Tacking

    Email Tracking

    Enable open and click tracking of emails. Gets in depth insight of email campaign see open, click, bounced and unsubscribed statistics with hourly open tracking.

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    Export Reports

    Export Statistics

    Export email campaigns statistics, download list of opened, clicked, bounced and unsubscribed subscribers.

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    Share Report

    Share Report

    You can share password protected and masked email ids campaign statistics for easy and secure campaign statistics sharing.

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  • Readymade Email Templates Premade Templates

    Ready to use templates

    Get pre designed beautiful responsive email templates for different occasion, it's an easy and fast way of composing an email campaign. You can also create your own email template and save it for future use.

    We also offer premium email template designing service Learn More.

  • Sender Management Sender Management

    Multiple Sending Domains

    Authorized multiple sender domain name to send emails from different domains and email ids. Just put required DNS records i.e. SPF, DKIM, Cname (for tracking) and DMARC to send 100% legitimate emails.

    Get your default SPF, DKIM, DMARC and CNAME(for tracking - optional) records here.

  • High Email Delivery Highly Deliverable

    Get Maximum Email Delivered

    We use our state of the art in house infrastructure to ensure you get high deliverability for your campaign. Our email delivery eco system is highly monitored, secured and reputed to give you seamless email inboxing experience for your highest ROI conversion.

    We also offer dedicated ips for dedicated email delivery and management, isolated from shared IPs know more.

  • Integration and API Integration & API

    Remote app communication

    You can add new subscribers, manage lists, campaigns, templates and more with our APIs. Please note this features is still in experimental stage.

    Smtp Service: You can avail our dedicated smtp service to connect with your sending app know more.


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